Christine Charvel & Jennifer Dawson
Las Vegas, NV

Dear entrepreneur,

Content isn't just important these days, it's essential.

You think I’m just saying that? Well, here are some statistics.

Aside the fact that you are literally invisible to Google ranking without sufficient content, recent research done by Emarketer also tells us that IMers are spending on content marketing and creation more than any other online investment and this is set to increase by 15.1% by the end of this year. In fact, IMers are spending a total of $118.4 billion on providing regular content for their online ventures.
What does that mean?

It means more and more marketers are allocating their budgets toward articles, content and writing online and there is no sign of it slowing down anytime soon.

There’s nothing like some good, clear facts to prove a point and blow theories out of the water so let’s keep going -

Digital marketing manager for McLaren Automotive, said this:

"Content is the voice of your brand, and it is therefore important to allocate the respect, investment, and focus it requires. Creating great content is difficult, and delivering great content consistently through established processes is complex. However, this is what is required if you want to take your brand from good to great in today's communication environment."

This may be ‘on the ground talk’ – but it translates online quite seamlessly.

You need content to survive out there among all the other wannabe money makers who are giving their members, fans and potential clients what they want.

For example, 80% of decision-makers prefer to get company information (and will buy)via a series of articles instead of an ad, a direct call or a banner. How’s that for a shock?

And 70% of those people say content marketing makes them feel closer to the company or website that is offering the information!

Just for good measure, (since we’re on a roll here) look at this:

  • 60% of consumers and browsers feel more positive about a company after

reading content on its site.

  • A shocking 90% of people find content to be useful to them.
  • 9out of 10 organizations market with contentas their main money making weapon.

 I could keep going all night…. For instance, 60% are more likely to be on the lookout for products when looking at content marketing only and for you to use this marketing method it costs significantly less than traditional, outbound marketing.(62% in fact less per lead than outbound marketing.)

So you see, I could quote literal, researched statistics forever (about how valuable and important having content available to you actually is) or I could ramble on with my own theories… but the reality is: 

In short, it works and you need it. Full stop.

But why is it so hard to get good, regular and readily available, relevant content these days that you can use as and when you need it?

Because you’re using the old fashioned way of searching for a writer, waiting for the content, paying too much, maybe hating the content because it’s outsourced, shoddy and rubbish….

And even maybe you’ve just decided to buy a handful of articles and haven’t used them all yet or need more and have to wait yet again…

…or pay too much yet again or be let down YET AGAIN…

Or you don’t have the money, try it yourself and are getting frustrated or having no results…


Because I have developed a solution to all your content marketing needs.

What about just forgetting about time wasting, hiring, outsourcing, paying different prices and messing about looking for stuff to use?How boring is that?!!!

What about instead just having all the content you need in one place, whose access costs literally a tiny price you’ll get nowhere else and then you can have all the thousands of articles for free at your fingertips and you can do what you please with them any time of day or night and in any amount you choose?

Imagine full PLR rights to articles so you can pass them off as your own and not have to become a super writer just to make money or to please your customers?

Imagine having to do NO WORK and get paid from content that is already written, good and loved by readers.

This is your secret way out – this is your ultimate solution as a marketer without the hassle that everyone else has to face.

Times have changed and this time wasting manual work is no longer necessary.

Once upon a time, only the people that could actually write or were copywriters and geniuses could dominate the online money-making field.

And if you couldn’t, you'd be certainly hiring someone else to do it at a price way too impossible to see any logical return on.

Failing that, you’d outsource from India or some bordering country, where despite the best efforts available, grammar was strange, people knew it wasn’t your writing and you just wish you hadn’t bothered.
That’s why I have a membership for you today that you can join in seconds and banish all your content creation, selling and marketing problems forever.

Do yourself a massive favour; save time, energy, money and the prospect of failure by giving yourself the gift of unlimited content. Let it be there for you for every site and venture you ever want to dream up!

Why would a sane person do it themselves when it’s done, it’s ready and it works?

When I was developing this membership and trying to solve your long term problems in the process, I asked a cross section of IMers what their main issues were when it came to site creation, selling and marketing online… 

Do you know what they said?

I hate writing content.

I can’t do content.

It takes so long.

I don’t know what to say.

What do people want from me?

Why can’t I get high quality content that doesn’t charge me a fortune or takes ages to receive?

Someone should create a membership that just solves all these things, right?

Well, I absolutely have. It might have taken time, sweat, talent and a little elbow grease but it’s finally ready for you and guess what?

It’s at a price that you’ll not find anywhere else….

That’s all it costs to be a member and never have to write another word again to make money.

You can spin it, claim it, sell it, use it, access it….. do whatever you want and need.

 A thousand times a day if you want at no extra charge!

No more wasting time, hope and money on other people while you wait for content to come to you… you absolutely will fail without content… so here it is.


For the smallest fee you won’t even notice, you can have hundreds and even thousands of dollars worth of writings any time you choose.

No waiting, no fuss, no trying to be Stephen King. Just pure, ready-made, copy-paste content that everyone will love and meanwhile you can have time to focus on the stuff that really matters!


To your success,
Christine Charvel & Jennifer Dawson


P.S. Why spend more money than you have to? Or hang around reading freelancers portfolios to ensure you'll get the right content? For just a few bucks, you'll have thousands of articles to choose from that are right for you!

P.P.S. Remember,as a member you can access content day or night and use, spin or sell as many articles as your heart desires! No waiting! No limits! How's that for value?

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